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About YBI:

As the name implies, Youth for Better India (YBI) acts as a movement for corruption free India. YBI has been formed to gather the youth who dream for a developed India, to a single platform, and thus, for collectively working towards their common dream. It’s a known fact that youth has got tremendous power and if that can be used in the right direction, it can definitely change the picture of Indian society that we see today!

What is YBI?
  • 1.YBI is a YOUTH MOVEMENT and PLATFORM for all nation-minded students and youth, like-minded individuals, bodies and organization.
  • 2. YBI is for college and university students and youth below 25 years of age.
  • 3. YBI is open to all interested and nation-minded youth, youth organizations, like-minded bodies interested in becoming partners and owners of the platform.
  • 4. For Organizational Convenience, YBI has a federated structure and invitation based membership.
  • Why YBI ?
  • 1. YBI for Change and Revolution.
  • 2. Channelize YOUth Energy.
  • 3. Build Big YOUth Movement.
  • 4. Realize this Generation Dream of Corruption-free India.
  • YBI Vision
  • 1. CHANGE IN SYSTEM.. Corruption-free & Developed India.
  • YBI Mission
  • 1. Create Awareness and Empower Youth (Special emphasis on girls) with Knowledge on Governance & Reforms, Citizenship & Corruption.
  • 2. Building Leaders for Better India.
  • YBI Activities
  • 1. Enhance awareness among college youth on issues like: A. Corruption B. Governance and Political Reforms C. Electoral Reforms D. Environmental Issues E. Tools to fight corruption like Jan Lokpal Bill and RTI.
  • 2. Training and building New Leaders for the New Generation (Conducting Workshops on Citizenship & Leadership).
  • 3. Campaigns (Walks, Rally) against Corruption.
  • 4. Conducting RTI Sessions.
  • 5. Voting registration in educational institutions: partnering with managements and Election Commission.
  • 6. Career Guidance.
  • 7. Online Publications, Movie Clubs and Information Clubs.
  • YBI will take forward the legacy of Independence struggle and put its best efforts to build a developed India, the vision of our freedom fighters. It will produce armies of patriotic youth, who will work to defend the fundamental rights and dignity of the millions of voiceless people.

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" The silence of good people is more DANGEROUS than the BRUTALITY of bad people " Martin Luther King
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